Designer Masashi Sawada Shimizu Corporation
Release March, 1992(”Fune No Kagaku”:Ship Science )

Fall, 2008
Profile To solve the problem of the earth like inflating population, food shortage, resource shortage,build several thousands of mega float with diameter of from a few kilo meters to 10 kilo meters on the place where the tidal current flows along the rotating course. The
place on the mega float ( VLSI :artificial island ) will be used for residence place, farm, fish farm, minery station. The mega float
VLSI will go round the course of the rotating tidal wave in a few years. To avoid coral reef or shallow place or typhoon place, it has a several skyscrapers as to make lift force. The force is to guide the mega float VLSI for the assisting power. These mega floats VLSI is goverened by some kind of super national organization like UN. It means “Ocean Republic”
Basic unit is the mega float with the diameter of 3 kilo meter and the skyscraper of 1000 meters height with “opening flower” like lotus. It is the environmental island. The food will be supplied by itself. Zero waste, carbon negative island. It moves by tidal flow. When it needed, it will move by electromagnetic induction power.
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Place All places where tidal flow rotating Equator in the Pacific Ocean
21th Century 2025
Keywords Ocean Republic, Sea, Future,
Population,Food, Resource, Tidal Flow,
Rotating Current, Residence, Magnus Effect,
Artificial Island, Mega Float, Lift Force
Happiness index, The dreams of children,
A paradise for adults, The buds of new
business(From the brochure of “GREEN
In Detail http://oceanrepublic.org http://www.shimz.co.jp

*Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics Propulsion(MHD)

According to the brochure of Shimizu corporation about the GREEN FLOAT, the mega float will move by tidal flow. And when it needs to move , it uses the MHD propulsion sysem.

About the Ocean Republic Concept, mega float moves by tidal flow and wind flow. Wind flow is the only assistant power source for the mega float to avoid shallow water area or coral reef or typhoon area.

Ocean Republic

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