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It seems to be slightly a fairy tale to say to make many large-scale floats on the earth. If you construct, for example, 1 kilometer in length, 200 meters in width, a float of around 40 meters in depth by which I have calculated as a test in 1992, the amount of material is 20 times as of the building material of the 300,000 tons grade tanker. And, if you build 10 kilometers in length, 5 kilometers in width, and 20 meters in depth, it will be 1,500 times as much material you will need as of material of the same vessel mentioned. And, if you build many , hundred of, or thousand of such large-scale float, it will become impossible on the earth. So, we need to change of mind. We should apply some other method to build such large-scale float. There is Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) in the sea water. I am thinking how we can use these resources to build. For example, about table salt. A particle table salt, it is very hard. How can we build big hard structure by using such materials.? And about coral reef. There is calcium in the body of coral. It is easy to broken. Even by your hand, it will be broken. But, I think there may be a method to apply this calcium or magnesium to build a large-scale float. And, it shall not be built by human being…………. We need much man-power to build a ship or big steel float. I think if there is some way to build a large-scale float by using marine microbe. For example, human being make only a large-scale "Frame" , after that by dipping special area which is rich of calcium or any other material or which is rich of catalyst or enzyme. Then it(frame) will be reinforced by material or catalyst, enzyme, by using sodium, calcium and magnesium. Such kind of research is interesting.
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