Lift Force Generator

Basically, the VLSI ( artificial island ) will move by tidal flow. But to control, it has lift force generator , so to speak, skyscraper.
How to get the lift is owing to “Magnus Effect” around the cylindrical structure of skyscraper.
I think there are 3 ways as follows

1. To get the lift force by rotating the wall of the cylindrical structure (skyscraper).
But, we need some complicate movement and mechanism of the wall and power supply. Or, you can make the wall rotate by using the wind force itself. You can see somewhere, as the self rotating ventilator on the roof. But this method require some complicate movement along the wall surface.

2. Gush the air flow from the wall surface of the cylindrical structure ( skyscraper )
By making air flow around the wall of the cylindrical structure ( skyscraper ), we can get same effect of No. 1. way (above) But, we need some “jumbo jet engines” for each skyscraper. We need much power source.
3. Build a pair of “half aerofoil structure” and attach to the side wall of cylindrical structure ( skyscraper ).
I think this is most convincing method to get lift force. The section of a cylindrical structure ( skyscraper ) is circle. We can made a pair of structure with half aerofoil section each which can be slided along the wall. Whenever the direction of wind change, by moving this pair of structure, we can get side force by making the section of combinded structure ( skyscraper, and a pair of the half aerofoil structure ) similar to aerofoil section form. This is same principle of the sail assisting system of the vessel like “Shin Ai Toku Maru”.

Please watch in detail.

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