Sea Level Rise

Please watch the movie on the right menu bar of "Sea Level Rise". Nowadays "Sea Level Rise" is very serious problem for all the ocean wide islands countries. The height above the sea level is a few meters of some island countries is just only a few meters. It is reported that some part of islands is covered with sea water in some hours a day.

We can build VLSI of Ocean Republic for some purpose. We can build for these island country. They suffering from sea level rise can resident on the VLSI. It is not needed to build big one. I think it is possible to build a few hundred meter diameter to a kilo meter diameter. But there is the problem in the international law of 200 nautical miles( EEZ ) .So, registration of a VLSI should be as a ship. And, to make those VLSI floating around in 200 sea miles people can live on the VLSI.

This is an idea of making VLSI navigate around an island country. VLSI can navigate around the sea of a island country in 200 sea miles from the land of the nation. And, to manage the VLSI, we can invite sightseer from all over the world as a resort moving island. It will support the country’s economics. And, they can have some kind of international conference or events from all over the world.


Island Country
For the island country which loses its land day by day by "sea level rise" the "VLSI" of "Ocean Republic" maybe a good solution. This picture shows a sample of such a VLSI as a resort island. A lot of tourist from all over the world will come in this island. There are 6 LFG(Lift Force Generator : Skyscraper, Hotel, Residence Area ) They can invite some kind of international conference or institute for research. There is a yacht harbor and fishing port.
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Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise