Basic VLSI
Basic VLSI ( Very Large Sailing Island ). You can see another VLSI in the distance. VLSI has a space airport. The merit of having space airport is that for the space plane like space shuttle, it do not need for waiting for good weather condition after 90 minutes’ another navigation round trip of the earth orbit. So, many VLSI s( artificial islands ) will have space airports, there is no need for waiting good timing to land on the earth. And it will be used for emergency landing airport. And, airplane will not be limited by flying range. Instead of having big fuel tank, an airplane can load people or some products much more than long distance range airplane. The efficiency of transportation will go up.


Basic VLSI Bird's View
Bird’s view of basic VLSI. There is wave braker around the VLSI. Around of the VLSI, there is a hill covered with planted trees. It guard the inner island by the surrounded its hill against strong wind blow. Mainly, the skyscraper will be used for farm land. Offices or residence space will be placed under the ground or bottom of the skyscraper. There is well air conditioned and guarded against the weather.


Lift Force Generator
Lift Force Generator viewed from the ground of VLSI ( mega float , artificial island ) The green colored one is the surface of the aft half wing. It is made by polycarbonate so as the sun light comes into the inner side of the building. There is a main pillar at the end of half wing. At the bottom of the main pillar, there is a guide way. So, the fore half wing and aft half wing will move round the cylindrical skyscraper.


Resource Explorer VLSI
The VLSI for resource exploration. It must go off the place with big wave, there is no mega float. It is a type of semi-submergible system.


Resource Explorer VLSI
Look down the VLSI for resource exploration. You can find semi-submersible structure under the sea.


Storage VLSI
This is a “Storage VLSI”. Petroleum, methane, natural gas, hydrogen such as fossil fuel or mineral resources such as manganese are stored in the big tanks of the VLSI.. This VLSI is a hazard area, so, it is controlled by robot and remote access system.


Fishfarm VLSI
This is a “Fishfarm VLSI”. Marine resources, fish, shellfish, seaweed produced here are transported for the whole over the world. People working here and their families live here.


Resort VLSI
This is a “Theme Park VLSI” or “Recreation VLSI “, “Resort VLSI”


This is type of "Super SkyScraper". 3 pairs of fore half wing part and aft half wing part are distributed along the height ward of the skyscraper. Wind direction is different at the height of the skyscraper. So as to get the optimum power from the skyscraper, 3 pair of fore half wing and aft half wing are controlled separately. They are just like Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


View from Lift Generator
The view from "LIFT GENERATOR ( skyscraper )." The shape of a VLSI is just like a basin to avoid being blowed by strong wind. There is a weather proof dome. There are town houses under the hill in the distance.


View from Sea
The view from the sea. The transparency of sea water is not like this. This is just imagination image. On the left side, there is a sightseeing submarine. Various kinds of fish are gathering under VLSI.. Those fish become the precious protein source of inhabitants. In addition, it is exported to the continent.


Island Country
For the island country which loses its land day by day by "sea level rise" the "VLSI" of "Ocean Republic" maybe a good solution. The image is the VLSI layout as an ocean port. By being located in the center of the ocean it is possible to make it a relay base of a container ship or a relay airport airplane. This will bring a major revolution such as cost reduction to transportation / logistics through oversea. Eight lift generating devices (skyscraper) can be seen in the picture.
By Flight Simulator”EZ FLIGHT”will make you feel what OCEAN REPUBLIC is or what OCEAN LAND is by 3D Simulator.
Ocean Republic

Ocean Republic Video

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